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The KaYoke


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The Kayoke is a new innovative, lightweight, compact system to carry a kayak.  Whether you want to carry your kayak from the parking lot to the water’s edge for an afternoon paddle or on a multi-day backcountry trek, this system is for you. Designed for paddlers by a paddler, the KaYoke makes carrying your kayak easy in four simple steps.  Step 1 - Extend strap and slip under kayak, Step 2 - Adjust jaws and seat to gunnels, Step 3 - Secure strap firmly and Step 4 - Raise you kayak and lower kayoke onto your shoulders.


Features: 1) Fully collapsible jaws 2) Engineered support beam 3) Strap lockdowns 4) Adjusts for cockpits 14" to 21" (strap and hex keys included)


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