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Sweet Protection Strutter Helmet


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The Strutter is a whitewater icon, re-engineered with vast improvements to fit and performance. The new generation Strutter significantly improves (30%) the performance compared to the previous generation Strutters.

Sweet Protection's revolutionary LFT shell technology (Long Fiber Thermoplastic) offers a great combination of elasticity and rigidity, and the ultra rigid internal carbon fiber frontal shell strengthens the helmet and covers your temples. The original award winning baseball cap style shell protects the face from impacts, water splashes and sun glare.

A computerized 3-dimentional shape provides legendary comfort and fitting. Also, a special version of our OCCIGRIP tensioning system has been developed to go with the special Strutter helmet shape. Two incredibly tough Polyamide legs are securely fixed to the carbon fiber shell, offering an amazing, adjustable fit. The Strutter offers great, low-volume protection for river running and playboating.


S/M (53-56 cm)
M/L (56-59 cm)
L/XL (59-61 cm)


400 G