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Norse Bylgja / Carbon


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Bylgja, daughter of rulers of the seas Ågir and Ran, was one of the waves found at sea. We can only imagine she was one of the larger ones.

This is a hardchine kayak with a firm skeg. Bylgja is extremely well tracking in all conditions, and turns on a dime. As all of Norse's sea kayaks Bylgja´s hull is reinforced with aramid (kevlar) all the way through her keel; but in addition to this the chines it is also reinforced to take a beating. This kayak has three bulkheads, and two dayhatches for storage room. 

Length: 17.06 ft. / 520 cm

Width: 21.65 inches / 55 cm 

Carbon: 46 lbs. / 21 kg

Cockpit measurements: 

Width: 15.75 inches / 40 cm

Length: 33 inches / 84 cm

Height: 11.8 inches / 30 cm

Total volume: 350l. Front bulkhead: 65l. Cockpit: 180l. Day hatch: 35l. Rear bulkhead: 70l. Max loading weight: 308 lbs. / 140kg. 

Recommended paddler weight: 130 Lbs. / 60kg. - 240 lbs. / 110kg.