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Mustang Survival Belt Pack Inflatable PFD


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A PFD for paddlers who don’t want a PFD – until they’re swimming or the Harbour Patrol pulls them over. As sleek as a waistpack, this little unit will appeal to stand up paddleboarders or anyone who dislikes bulky foam flotation devices.The Inflatable Belt Pack PFD from Mustang Survival fits around the waist like a belt, staying out of the way until you pull the inflation cord. Redesigned to fit and feel better with a great new look.The ergonomic design conforms to the body to provide a secure and comfortable fit.The PFD operates by manual inflation, meaning it won't inflate unless you pull the activation cord. Easy to wear and maintain, it inflates to provide 38lb buoyancy, more than twice the flotation of a traditional foam PFD. A great option for those looking for minimal bulk and wanting to control when their PFD inflates. Recommended for paddlers, paddleboarders, river fishermen and general recreational boaters.

  • Stays out of the way until activated
  • Lightweight, ergonomic fit
  • Oral inflation tube included on product as secondary inflation option
  • Easy inspection and maintenance with inflator inspection window - green means it's ready to go!
  • Safety whistle
  • Reflective piping on outer shell
  • SOLAS reflective tape for increased visibility in rescue conditions
  • Features a 3F inflator for easy inspection, green means its good to go.
  • A quick tug on the inflation cord deploys 35lbs. of buoyancy, more than most foam PFDs..
  • Universal adult sizing is legal for those 16 and older, weighing 36.3kg (80lbs.) or more, and up to a 132cm (52in.) chest.
  • Inflatable PFDs must be worn on your person to be legal (no stowing them in your boat or on your board).
  • Inflatable PFDs are not legal for whitewater paddling in Canada.