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Level Six Duke Long Sleeve Dry Top


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The Duke is a 3 season whitewater paddling top that shares the same highly reviewed fit of the heavier 3-ply Mack Dry-Top. It gives you a completely unrestrictive range of body movement, while at the same time offering a fully waterproof breathable dry top featuring our eXhaust 2.5 ply fabric. The overlapping double-tunnel and the DCS (Dual Cinch System) waist works with your skirt tunnel to provide a more reliably dry seal  at the waist. All this combines to make the Duke the biggest bang for your buck available.

Detailed Specs

  • eXhaust 2.5-ply waterproof breathable nylon
  • British Latex wrist and neck gaskets
  • 0.5mm neoprene wrist and neck gasket protectors
  • Adjustable neoprene neck over-gasket
  • DCS waistband with Velcro panels
  • Double tunnel
  • 3M reflective piping
  • 3-ply panels in high wear areas 

Available in Midnight Black/Riverstone Grey.