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Bending Branches Pro Radiant Uni-Carbon Telescoping Angler Paddle

Angler Paddle

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The four-time Angler Paddle of the Year just got an upgrade. The new Angler Pro boasts all new patterns, designed by Bending Branches' ProStaff team. It's lighter than the previous generation of Angler Pro's, with larger blades for a more powerful stroke. The Angler Pro has a smooth forward stroke for effortless paddling. 

The Angler Pro Plus comes with a versatile telescoping ferrule allowing for infinite feathering angles. If you have multiple boats or an adjustable seat (or if you can’t keep your Angler Pro out of other paddlers’ hands), the telescoping ferrule makes changing the paddle's length a breeze.

The Angler Pro Plus is available in adjustable lengths of 240-255cm.

The Bending Branches Angler Pro is proudly made in Osceola, Wisconsin and has been named 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016 Kayak Fishing Paddle of the Year. 

SIZE - 7.25 x 18 in. SURFACE AREA - 105 sq. in. BLADE - Multi-Laminate Fiberglass

SHAFT - 100% Carbon, LENGTH - 240-255cm, FEATURES - Ovalized for Comfort Tape Measure SHAFT PIECES - 2-Piece

WEIGHT - 29 oz.