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Perception Prodigy XS

pr 14 15 prodigy xs sea spray top
pr 14 15 prodigy xs sea spray toppr 14 15 prodigy xs sea spray side

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The new Prodigy XS is a welcome addition to the Prodigy family of kayaks. This modest sized, light-weight, recreational boat makes it the perfect choice for smaller paddlers seeking feature rich options at an affordable price. With a focus on comfort, the Prodigy XS incorporates the Zone EXP back band with a Zone seat pad designed specifically for this boat. Other features include Zone Knee Pads for even more comfort and added control, and bow deck bungee to keep important items secure and close at hand. Smaller sized paddlers will also appreciate the lowered deck for improved visibility and the compact size hull that isn't too wide to comfortably manage while paddling.


  • Kayak carrier Handles
  • Zone EXP backband & seat pad
  • Zone knee/thigh pad
  • Keepers foot brace system
  • Bow bungee and deck rigging


LENGTH: 10' / 305 cm
WIDTH: 23" / 58 cm
MAX CAPACITY: 150 lbs. / 68 kg
DECK HEIGHT: 10.5" / 26 cm
WEIGHT: 27 lbs. / 12 kg
COCKPIT LENGTH: 28" / 71 cm
COCKPIT WIDTH: 18" / 46 cm