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Scott Prospector 16 - Kinojevis Design Canoe


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For thousand of years, the Kinojévis river, going thru the Abitibi-Témiscamingue territory, was used as a communication channel for the Algonquins who were travelling between the basins of the Harricana and the Outaouais rivers. Kinojévis is a deformation of the algonquin word 'kenogewich' which means “bad pike”

The classic Scott Prospector 16 in Infused Kevlar, with a bit of a twist! This canoe feels at home in whitewater paddling as well as wilderness tripping of all kinds.


 Length 16'3"
Gunwale width 31"
Waterline width 29"
Center depth 13"
Bow height 18"
Rocker 0.5"
Optimum capacity 280-390 LB
Kevlar 47 LB

Proudly made in Quebec.