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Northern Canoe Prospector 15 Kevlar


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Designed with Canadian style in mind, the Prospector 15’s symmetrical design means it can fill the needs of solo trippers and tandem paddlers alike. Quick and maneuverable in a solo position, and smooth and stable as a tandem, it is the ideal cottage canoe. The 15 boasts solid mid-range load capacity coupled with the versatility of a classic Canadian canoe.


Optimum Load Range: 320-500 lbs.       Industry Capacity: 850 lbs

​Centre Depth: 13”

Bow/Stern Height: 20”

Rocker: 1”

Length: 15’

Gunwale Width: 34.5”

Maximum Width: 36”

Waterline Width: 33”

Kevlar - 50 lbs.

Ash Seats, Ash Yoke, Vinyl Trim