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Echo Paddles - Starlight Whitewater Canoe


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$200 for shipping in Canada! [More info]


The Echo Paddles' new model the Starlight is an upgraded version of the old royalex Evergreen Canoes' Starburst. The ultimate big water canoe. With a centre depth of 15", the starlight remains dry even with a load of tripping gear. The moderate 5" rocker makes the boat very responsive to your paddle. Its composite weight gives it better speed across flat water. 

The hull is laid up with Innegra/Basalt on the exterior (giving it that fast, funky look!) and kevlar with extra reinforcement in the chines, bow &stern.  The gunwales are vinyl with cherry thwarts. 

When it comes to serious whitewater or wilderness tripping, the starlight is quite simply the best in its class!

* Mike Yee Whitewater outfitting costs extra


Length - 16'6"

Beam @ Gunwhales - 34"

Weight - 56.5lbs 

Depth @ Bow - 26"

Depth @ Centre - 15"

Depth @ Stern - 26"

Hull Material - Basalt/ Innegra/ Kevlar (Whitewater grade)

Trim Material - vinyl