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MyCanoe is an award winning, lightweight, TUV certified, and patented origami folding canoe. It is a high quality folding canoe that can be assembled in 10 minutes. It is 14.5 ft with two seats which makes it perfect for sharing with family and friends for a quick trip on the water. When it is folded into a case, it fits in most small sedans.

  • Patented design and single seam construction for easy assembly and folding
  • Double-layer marine-grade custom manufactured polypropylene hull
  • Marine-rated structures and materials
  • Eight different adjustable seat locations (two seats included)
  • Enough storage space for a cooler and camping gear
  • Optional stabilizer kit available for added stability for rough water or active fishing
  • paddles not included

Weight 52lbs

Width 35″

Length 14.7 FT.

Max Capacity 440lbs.

MYCANOE is made of a 5 mm double-layer custom polypropylene that is lightweight and extraordinarily strong. It is manufacturer rated for 20,000 fold cycles and has been tested in all kinds of water/weather conditions. With proper care, a MYCANOE can last for years of paddling. Every component piece can be replaced in the event of breakage.

MYCANOE is buoyant and will float even if it capsizes; but we recommend taking every safety precaution, including personal flotation devices and equipping bow and stern with floating bags.

MYCANOE can be checked as luggage and the best way to protect MYCANOE during transport is to cover it with a protective material (e.g. blanket)

With minor modifications the MYCANOE can be outfitted with a rod holder. Another great choice for outfitting your MYCANOE is with one of RAM brand mounts (RAM Mounts make a Tough Claw that works perfectly on the MYCANOE). It clamps down tight without drilling any holes, and you can then attach a rod holder, or cup holder,camera mount, fish finder, etc. The RAM Mount can then be paired with a YakAttack or RAM rod holder. We recommend a stabilizer kit for added stability when fishing.

We recommend treating your MYCANOE as you would a fiberglass, wood, or skin-on-frame canoe.   Do not drag it or bump into sharp things, store out of direct sunlight, and rinse the canoe thoroughly with fresh water after each use.

The hull is extremely durable and unlikely to get a hole, but if it does, simply contact us for a free repair kit.

MYCANOE can be stored either assembled or folded for months. Just avoid direct sun exposure and store in dry, cool storage space.

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