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The Deeper Smart Sonar Pro takes smart sonar fishing to the next level. Its WiFi connection gives it incredible data transmission power. It needs it because, thanks to its higher scanning frequency and resolution, the Smart Sonar Pro gathers a lot of data. It can capture every detail of the site you’re fishing, including small and fast-moving objects. Using a WiFi connection also significantly boosts its range (80m / 260 ft), while its advanced sonar technology gives a scanning depth of 80m / 260ft. And using WiFi also guarantees rock solid connectivity, no matter what the conditions are.

Do more with your lake maps

New feature: Introducing Lakebook – the Deeper Data Manager. Now you can plan your next fishing trip with all your maps available to view on your computer screen. Then download your GPS and depth data. Plus, whatever happens to your phone, all your bathymetric maps are still accessible. This new piece of Deeper software is easy to use – it automatically transfers your maps from your mobile app. So just login to lakebook and start doing more with your maps.

A powerful castable sonar

The Deeper Smart Sonar couldn’t be easier to set up and use. It’s small and ultra-light, so it’s suitable for casting using most standard lines. It’s the same size and weight as its Bluetooth forerunner, but comes with more powerful components, stronger connectivity and greater range. Now shore anglers can access echo sounder data with a level of accuracy that was previously available only from expensive on-boat consoles.

Wi-Fi Advantage

The PRO uses a WiFi connection to transfer more accurate and detailed sonar data to your smartphone or tablet. This WiFi connection gives the PRO an extended casting range of up to 330ft/100 m. Please not this WiFi connection is an independent wireless signal between your sonar and your smartphone or tablet, and does not require an internet connection or phone signal in order to work.

Connecting to your PRO

Connecting your smartphone or tablet to your PRO couldn’t be easier. Your PRO will turn on automatically when it’s in the water. Then simply to turn on WiFi on your smartphone or tablet, find the WiFi signal from your Deeper, and connect. No internet or phone signal is necessary. You can use your Deeper device anywhere in the world, so if your next fishing trip is in the Amazon rainforest, no problem.

Maximise connectivity: If you are casting your PRO long distances, it’s possible that you will experience connectivity issues. This is because, as the WiFi signal becomes weaker the further away it gets, your phone will automatically start searching for a stronger signal, which may cause disconnection. To stop this, simply turn off Mobile Data, and in the case of iOS devices WiFi Assist, and your phone will always stay connected to your smart sonar’s WiFi signal.

Boat Mode

When using Boat Mode, you can use your PRO to add detailed bathymetric data onto your maps in real-time. These maps can be archived and accessed at any time, enabling you to master the waters you fish. This feature uses the GPS on your smartphone, but does not require a phone or internet signal to work.

High Resolution Imaging

The PRO model has a higher scanning resolution, enabling it to separate objects down to a distance of just 0.4 inches / 1.3 cm. With an 8 times extended dynamic range, you can know detect and identify objects with much greater accuracy. This means you can watch the underwater action in real time on your phone, all in incredible detail, then pick out your targets.

Higher Scanning Frequencies

Fast moving targets? The PRO has double the scanning frequency of earlier models, sending out 15 scans per second. This means it can capture faster moving objects underwater, making it easier to identify the fish below and meaning nothing will pass underneath your sonar undetected.

Smart Angling

Having a Deeper Smart Sonar PRO means being connected to the latest smart angling features, and being part of community of smart anglers. The Deeper App is regularly updated with new features, so for the best performance from your PRO make sure you regularly update your Deeper App. Plus features like social media sharing will connect you with an online community of fellow smart anglers.



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