Dear Customers,

Here at The Complete Paddler we take the rapidly developing situation with COVID-19 very seriously. Be assured that the health and safety of our customers and employees are our number one priority. As such, and in accordance with the instructions of the Public Health Agency of Canada, we have put in place several preventative measures.

As of March 24th, the following measures, protocols and services are in place:

Our physical store doors will be closed, meetings (including meetings with suppliers), pool courses, events,  gatherings, and sponsorship activities have been cancelled for at least two weeks. 

We will be answering our phone and responding to emails. Additionally, our online store and shipping will continue without delays. We deliver online purchases personally – this allows us to both disinfect the boats and ensure that this service can continue throughout the coming weeks. 

This means you don’t have to put your dreaming and planning for summer on hold. We offer you the possibility of continuing to shop for your favourite products, even in this time of social distancing. We are now offering:

  • Sale prices for online shoppers.
  • Free shipping on everything, including boats to major depots across Canada.
  • Free door to door boat delivery in the Greater Toronto Area.

At the Complete Paddler we are outdoor enthusiasts just like you, and we therefore know how important it is for our mental and physical health to get outside and get on the water. That is why we will continue to offer boats, clothing, outdoor gear, and anything else you need for safe paddling. However, please do so responsibly and in accordance with social distancing recommendations – don’t go outside if you are showing symptoms of COVID-19.  If you are not showing signs and decide to go outside, make sure to maintain a 2 meter distance from others.  

Please stay safe and give us a call if you have any questions or concerns. 416 255 6905

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Used Greenland Kayak

ManufacturerModelColourOriginal PriceSale Price
Skin On Frame w/ paddle and skirtWest Greenland Style built by Kelly McDowellBlackN/A $900

Used Canoes

ManufacturerModelColourOriginal PriceSale Price
Nova CraftProspector (SP3)Red$1,269.00 SOLD!
EsquifCanyon, T-Formex with Whitewater OutfittingRed$2740.00 SOLD!

Used Kayaks

ManufacturerModelColourOriginal PriceSale Price
Current DesignsKestrelBlue$1,479.00 $799.00
JacksonJourneyOrange$1,439.00 $799.00
Wilderness SystemsTsunami 140 (Includes J-Saddles & Cable Lock)Green$2,019.00 $1,000 (Cash Only) no tax
Wilderness SystemsTempest 170Red$2289.00 SOLD!
ImpexForce 4 - CompositeRed Top & White Bottom$3999.00 $2300 (Cash only) no tax

Used Fishing Kayaks

ManufacturerModelColourOriginal PriceSale Price
JacksonCoosa FD, Pedal DriveForest$3,599.00 SOLD!
JacksonKilroyBattleship$1,679.00 SOLD!
JacksonKilroyBlue$1,679.00 SOLD!

Used Tandem Kayaks

ManufacturerModelColourOriginal PriceSale Price
Wilderness SystemsPamlico 135TRed$1,419.00 $880.00
PerceptionTribe 13.5Blue/White$1049.00 SOLD!

Used Sit on Top Kayaks

ManufacturerModelColourOriginal PriceSale Price
PerceptionTribe 13.5Blue/White$1,049.00 SOLD!
PerceptionAccess 11.5Blue/White$689.00 $480.00

Used Whitewater Kayaks

ManufacturerModelColourOriginal PriceSale Price
DaggerMamba 8.1Red/white/black$1,699.00 SOLD!
Wave SportProject X56Red$980.00 SOLD!

Used Inflatable SUP Boards

ManufacturerModelColourOriginal PriceSale Price
NRSCruz XLBlue$1,195.00 $800.00

NEW Gear & Accessories on Sale

ManufacturerModelColourOriginal PriceSale Price
Therm-a-Rest Sleeping BagAltair -18c (Down)Blue$759.95 $379.00
Theerm-a-Rest Sleeping BagAntares -7c (Down)Orange$688.95 $344.00
Therm-a-Rest Sleeping BagSaros -7cBlue$239.95 SOLD!

NEW Canoes on Sale

ManufacturerModelColourOriginal PriceSale Price
Langford CanoeHBC Legacy, 16ft, Kevlar w/wood trimSpecial Edition HBC Colours$4,595.00 $3,800.00
NorthstarNorthwind 16 SLGreen$3,299.00 $2,970.00
NorthstarNorthwind 17 SLGreen$3,299.00 $2,970.00
NorthstarMagic Solo SLGreen$2,969.00 $2,670.00
Nova CraftProspector 16 SP3Red, Blue$1,269.00 $1,140.00
Nova CraftMuskoka FiberglassOxBlood$1,689.00 SOLD!
Nova CraftHaida 17 FiberglassRed$1,799.00 $1,619.00
Nova CraftCronje 17 Aramid LiteTwo Tone: OxBlood (Top), White (Bottom)$3,494.00 $3,145.00
Nova CraftCronje 17 Blue Steel w Ash GunwhalesClear$4,354.00 $3,919.00
Nova CraftProspector 15 Blue Steel w Ash GunwhalesClear$4,114.00 $3,700.00
EsquifProspector 16Red$2,300.00 $2,070.00
EsquifProspector 17Red$2,410.00 $2,169.00
EsquifCanyonRed$2,410.00 $2,169.00

NEW Recreational Kayaks on Sale

ManufacturerModelColourOriginal PriceSale Price
Clearwater DesignsNunuOrange$569.00 $510.00
EddylineSky 10,ThermoformedYellow, Green$1,195.00 SOLD!
JacksonTupelo 12.5Orange, Green$1,199.00 SOLD!
Aqua FusionBreezeBlue$619.00 $555.00
Aqua FusionLibertyRed/Blue$729.00 $655.00
PerceptionCarolina 14Blue$1,419.00 SOLD!
EddylineSandpiper 130, ThermoformedRed$1,795.00 $1,615.00
Current DesignsKestrelBlue$1,479.00 $1,330.00
Oru KayaksThe Beach - CollapsibleWhite$1,799.00 SOLD!

NEW Touring Kayaks on Sale

ManufacturerModelColourOriginal PriceSale Price
Current DesignsSiroccoRed, Blue$2,295.00 $2,065.00
Current DesignsSquall GTRed$2,149.00 $1,930.00
EddylineFathomRed, Thermoformed$2,795.00 SOLD!
Wilderness SystemsTsunami 165Red$2,389.00 SOLD!
Wilderness SystemsTempest 170Red$2,289.00 SOLD!

NEW Fishing Kayaks on Sale

ManufacturerModelColourOriginal PriceSale Price
JacksonBiteGreen, Orange$959.00 SOLD!
JacksonKilroyBlue$1,679.00 SOLD!
JacksonBig Rig HDGrey$2,399.00 SOLD!
Native WatercraftSlayer 12Green$1,299.00 SOLD!

NEW Tandem Kayaks on Sale

ManufacturerModelColourOriginal PriceSale Price
Wilderness SystemsPolaris 180TOrange$3,399.00 SOLD!

NEW Sit on Top Kayaks on Sale

ManufacturerModelColourOriginal PriceSale Price
PerceptionAccess 11.5Blue, Orange$689.00 $620.00
PerceptionTribe 11.5Blue$909.00 SOLD!
PerceptionTribe 13.5Blue$1,049.00 SOLD!
EddylineCaribbean 12, ThermoformedRed$1,695.00 SOLD!
Point 65NTequila GTX - Two piece kayakRed$1,049.99 $945.00

NEW Whitewater Kayaks on Sale

ManufacturerModelColourOriginal PriceSale Price
DaggerKatana 10.4Purple$1,699.00 SOLD!
DaggerMamba 8.1Purple$1,699.00 $1,530.00
JacksonZen LargeOrange, Blue, Yellow$1,559.00 $1,400.00
JacksonRockstar 4.0LGreen$1,559.00 SOLD!

NEW Stand up Paddleboards on Sale

ManufacturerModelColourOriginal PriceSale Price
Blu WaveArmada 10.6White$999.00 $899.00
Blu WaveArmada 10.8White$999.00 $899.00
Blu WaveBig WoodyBrown$1,599.99 $1,440.00
Blu WaveAllsport iSUP Inflatable 10.10White$1,199.00 $1,079.00
Blu WaveAllsport iSUP Inflatable 10.10 EVWhite$1,299.00 $1,170.00
NRSCruz XLBlue$1,195.00 $900.00
Beau LakeMalibu 11'6"Walnut$2,500.00 $2,250.00
Beau LakeMuskoka 11'6"Walnut$2,500.00 $2,250.00