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Monday, 27 March 2017 14:19

Gear-Up for Spring Sale


Our Spring Sale is here! March 31st to April 2nd only!

New 2016, older and used boats 20-50% OFF listed here. More to come!

Check our online store for all new 2017's that will be on sale as well.

This will be our biggest sale until September so don't miss out!

Tuesday, 21 February 2017 13:11

Outdoor Adventure Show In-store Sale


Our In-Store SALE is from February 24th-26th 2017

New 2017 Boats and Boards 10% OFF

New 2016 and older 20-50% OFF


Discounts do not apply to online purchases

Check out our Sale Page for more details

Wednesday, 09 September 2015 10:59

End of Season Sale


Here it is! The end of Summer means our largest sale of the year! All of our rental boats will be on sale for September 12th and 13th ONLY. Check out our sale page to see what we have in out rental fleet.  On Saturday and Sunday all of our rental boats will be on display on the front lawn. Sales are first come, first serve; we will not be selling any rental boats ahead of Saturday. Rental accessories, paddles and PFDs will also be on sale. All our other kayaks and canoes are 10% off and you get 15% off on accessories like paddles, skirts, PFD's and camping gear until Sunday September 13th. Get here early for the best selection!

Tuesday, 11 August 2015 18:43

10th Anniversary Sale



It's been ten years already! We would like to start by thanking you, our amazing customers for your support over the years. The Complete Paddler would not have survived without you! We are looking forward to serving you for many more decades. On Saturday August the 15th we will be giving a little back by having a one day sale and BBQ to celebrate.  From 10am to 5pm, come visit us in the store to check out some amazing deals! Everything in the store will be marked down between 10% and 50%. Check out what we have in stock by browsing our online store 

Everything in the store will be on sale for one day only! Plus we will be having a free BBQ with refreshments for whoever wants to stop by and say hello!

We are looking forward to seeing you,


Kelly McDowell
The Complete Paddler
Thursday, 18 December 2014 14:46

Happy Holidays



From everyone here at The Complete Paddler we wish you a a joyfilled holiday and a happy new year! Here are some great gift ideas for the paddler in your family.

Friday Dec 19th is the last day to get your online orders in to make sure these items arrive before Christmas. We offer free shipping in North America on accessories over 50.00 and free Shipping in North America on boats over 1000.00. Small charges are necessary for items under these amounts. Follow the links to the product page for more info. Or visit us in our store for some great sale prices ending on Jan 2 2015.




Boat Cart $89.99

ha 13 14 stowaway cart all terain wheel




Inflatable SUP board with pump, carring backpack, paddle and removable seat. $699.00 Save $200.00!




Seal Line Dry Bags Starting at $19.95

dry bag - cascade baja dry bag





NEW! Water Resistant Headlamp $34.99

byte headlamp




Scotty Suction Cup Paddling Light $44.50

825 sealight




Pool Courses with The Complete Paddler $95.00 for a two hour class.

 10609488 10152872275902629 6165558049843540304 n



Stohlquist Maw Glove $39.99


maw glove


Tuesday, 25 November 2014 18:12

Black Friday Sale

The Complete Paddler's Black Friday Sale is going to be huge.

Get a new inflatable SUP board with a paddle for as low as $674! Recreational kayaks starting at $359! Touring kayaks starting at $1200 with a free pool course and DVD.

Check out our Black Friday Sale page here for more details.


Tuesday, 11 November 2014 19:10

Canadian Boats May Rebound

Have you had your eye on something made in the USA lately? The best time to buy an American product from us is now!

You might think that the lower prices you're seeing at the pump might translate into lower prices for petroleum by-products (like plastic kayaks). The truth is a lot more complicated, so bear with me as we dive into the intricacies of retail pricing policy which might not be as transparent as it should be.

621773 10151971471765612 419399807 o


In the 1990s and early 2000s, when the Canadian Dollar was consistently below par, there was a bit of a heyday for Canadian boat manufacturers, but all that changed when we hit par by 2007. At first this meant a lot of cross-border shopping and complaints about the continued inequality of pricing for Canadian retail. Canadian manufacturers found it difficult to lower their prices to compete with the US while their costs stayed the same. Canadian retail pricing slowly caught up with our neighbours to the South, but this came at the expense of a lot of Canadian manufacturers since we imported more and more of our stock from the US to meet the lower price demand. Too many of our cherished Canadian manufacturers ended up getting bought out by US companies, moving their facilities overseas or going out of business all together. As a consumer you might have seen overall lower prices, but you might not see the true impact of this saga in the long run.


 unnamed_copy.jpgNow the tables have turned again, and the Dollar is slipping back to pre-recession levels (0.88 USD at the time of this post), so what does this mean for you if you're looking at buying a boat in 2014/2015? Expect to see an increase in Canadian pricing for American products. While The Complete Paddler has been able to secure lower pricing for our current stock and some of the inventory for the upcoming season, some US manufacturers' pricing will increase even more drastically as the Canadian Dollar declines.


But don't worry, there is an upside to all of this! Here at The Complete Paddler, we're really hopeful that more and more Canadian manufacturers will come back to life and give us some more home grown options for canoes and kayaks. We're very happy to see that this has already happened with Scott Canoes, Impex kayaks and Blue Water Canoes this week!! We look forward to bringing in more and more of these Canadian boats and accessories that will be priced competitively with their American counterparts so that we can have a broader selection and a stronger Canadian industry as a result. Check out our Sale page for some great deals!


Yours truly,


Kelly McDowell


The Complete Paddler


The Complete Paddler is a proud sponser of the Paddle in the Park Contest and we are able to give you the

first clue to the fourth paddle hidden in a park!! Go get it! its Free!


Hap Wilson has hidden a custom Badger canoe paddle in an Ontario Park, and if you can find it, it'll be yours!


IMG 8431

The Paddle In The Park Contest is a province-wide hidden-treasure-style contest just for paddlers. Created by the folks at BADGER Paddles and their outdoorsy blogging friend, Preston Ciere of, the PITPC is all about getting more people out into nature and promoting how rewarding spending time in the wilderness can be. In fact, they have listed 9 + 1 reasons to spend time in nature everyday this summer.

So, to help advocate getting more people out into the backcountry, several well-known outdoor adventureres like Hap Wilson, Kevin Callan, Andrewa Wilson and Conor Mihell have all hidden BADGER canoe paddles along various portage trails at undisclosed locations throughout Ontario.

But the hidden paddle isn't the only prize, there are some great chances to win at home every time a paddle is claimed!

As PITPC partners, The Complete Paddler has been provided with an exclusive clue for the Cabin Falls EcoLodge canoe paddle hidden by Hap Wilson just for you. For more clues and information, be sure to visit the Paddle In the Park Website or follow them on Facebook or Twitter. Good Luck "Out There!"



Without further ado, here's your clue for the paddle hidden by Hap Wilson:




"Upon stairs of gold where the twin sisters meet,
Not far from the main trail, you must retreat."


Good Luck,

The Complete Paddler


Thursday, 10 July 2014 19:07

Recreational Kayaks Vs Touring Kayaks


Recreational Kayaks VS. Touring Kayaks


Most kayakers think of themselves as a recreational kayaker and, unless you are racing, this is true. The unfortunate part about this statement is, kayak manufactures have misled boaters with the separation of the two categories which are Recreational Kayaks and Touring Kayaks. This has become unsafe.

I am writing this in hopes of spreading the word about why you may need to choose a touring kayak, instead of a recreational kayak. I could write a thick book on all the differences but all I want to talk about here is safety. So I will make this quick. If you have a recreational kayak (that means you do not have a bow AND stern hatch with sealed bulkheads) you should not go more than about 50 Meters from shore.

The reason you need to stay close to shore with a recreational kayak is if you capsize, the kayak you will not have the required floatation to get back in your kayak. This means you are stuck in the water dragging a flooded kayak back to shore. Picture it, you are out of your kayak, swimming in the water and you have one hand on the grab handle of your kayak trying to swim with your free arm to shore, pulling that flooded (700lbs) kayak through the water. How far can you do that in wavy water that capsized you in the first place? Fifty meters, maybe. Maybe a little further if you are really fit. That is not really that far, is it? So if you have a recreational kayak you must keep about a football field or less between you and shore. That is not that far when you think about it. So a touring kayak does not have these limitations, only your skill level.

We come into contact (more than a few times a day) with people that have purchased kayaks from other stores that did not know this basic information. The sales person should have explained this but not all stores and employees are equal so maybe the manufacturers should have made it easier for this new age of big box stores with no customer service and called them something else! Maybe “You must stay really close to shore kayaks” and “Safe Kayaks *with some proper skills” Sounds much better to me!

Paddle safe,

Kelly McDowell


The Complete Paddler


The Complete Paddler is having a sale on all Touring Kayak's from July11th to the 17th!

We are focusing on Touring Kayaks this week to bring focus to safety.

With purchase of a discounted Touring Kayak you will receive a free instructional day trip over to Toronto Island!!

More info on our sale here.

More info on test paddle dates here.

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