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Our Falling Canadian Dollar and The End of Royalex!

American paddle sport products will increase in price this year across Canada due to our falling Canadian dollar. This is good and bad news. While nobody likes to see price increases, it will strengthen our Canadian paddle sports manufacturers and stop these businesses from closing their doors (something that's happened more than a few times in the last two years). This lower Canadian dollar will benefit Canadians in the long run by providing a better Canadian selection at reasonable prices. American products will see price increases of as much as 15% this year in Canada but Canadian manufacturers will only have very small increases, so we hope to bring you more Canadian products (see below) this year, not only to support Canadian manufactures but to keep the cost of paddle sport goods more stable.

All Royalex canoe manufacturers have seen price increases in the last six months; this translates into a more expensive Royalex canoe no matter what canoe company you look at. This is due to the manufacture of Royalex (the best canoe material made for rivers, durable and light): Royalex will cease production in April 2014. This has already caused a shortage in the material. Royalex sheets that canoe manufacturers use to make these canoes have a short shelf life before they are molded into canoes, so we expect to run out of this type of canoe between spring and fall this year depending on the demand. This is very sad news for river trippers, whitewater canoeists and anyone looking for a very durable canoe that does not have the weight of plastic, which can be up to 20lbs heavier! Right now, we don't see a replacement material in the near future that can measure up to all the great qualities of Royalex. So don't wait if you're looking to get a Royalex canoe!


Here is a sample of a new and exciting Canadian Canoe line that will be hitting our shelves in the spring!

Northern Canoe’s Prospector 16 in Kevlar.



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