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Mike Yee Outfitting - Bag Cage Kit

bag cage kit 996079397

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Air bags are a necessary component of any whitewater outfitting system. They serve two purposes: water displacement and floatation. In combination they provide a greater degree of safety by keeping the boat floating higher in the water when swamped, giving you more control to avoid pinning and wraps. Mike Yee developed the Bag Cage System, an innovative solution for anchoring floatation. The Bag Cage allows air bags to conform to the shape of the hull and shift as necessary. The bags are not directly connected to either the hull or cage, eliminating stress points that can burst air bags open when pressure builds. The cage completely encloses the bags, spreading the stress load evenly and preventing the bags from escaping. This will extend the life of your air bags and also make it easy to remove them for travel.

(Note: We recommend removing your air bags while traveling to reduce potential damage caused by wind flap and bag abrasion in transport). Order a single Bag Kit for solo canoes or tandems with center floatation. Detailed illustrated instructions are include.

Bag Cage Kit Includes

  • BR 01 Standard Bag Rings (4)
  • BRR 01 Releasable Bag Rings (2)
  • 3mm Cord (34m)
  • 1" Webbing (5m)
  • 1" Sliders (6)
  • Grab Loops (2)

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