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Kayak Rescue Course - Lake Ontario July 16


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You will have the opportunity to learn and review basic and advanced kayak rescues. Rescues will cover: wet exits, self rescues, assisted recues. We will also show you different techniques on how to complete assisted deep water reentries, incapacitated or unconscious paddler reentry and solo re-entries.

By bringing this course to the lake, and out of the pool, we're bringing the rescues to a more life-like location. By learning to do rescues in waves, changing winds and currents, you'll become more confident in your skills that will help you out of real-life scenarios. If you need to rent a kayak and gear for this course the fee is $30.00 extra.

Course Information:

Date: Sunday July 16

Time: 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Location: Cherry Beach, Toronto

What to Bring:

Bring clothing and footwear that will keep you comfortable and warm when wet (synthetic or wetsuit is best!) as well as a towel. If you require goggles, noseplugs, or any other accessories to be comfortable in the water - bring them! Lastly, don't forget your hat and sunscreen and a lunch or snacks.

You will be contacted by our staff prior to the course to confirm details.

*Times are subject to change and courses are weather-dependant



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