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Delta 17 with rudder

ride135camo 1471752324

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The hybrid design of this boat provides good initial and excellent secondary stability, allowing easy edge transitions and excellent handling characteristics in various sea conditions. The Delta 17 is an excellent choice for paddlers looking to improve and hone their skills whether it's cruising on inland lakes or surfing ocean swells. Its ample volume and large hatches allow plenty of stowage room for those extended trips. Similar in every way to the Sport, the Expedition is 1" deeper to accommodate a bigger paddler. Get the one that fits you the best.

Length: 17'€™
Beam: 22.5"
Weight: 50 lbs
Max capacity: 410 lbs.

Bow Dry Storage: 24.7 Gal / 93.3 L
Stern Dry Storage: 37.2 Gal / 140.7 L
Cockpit Volume: 53.9 Gal / 203.9 L
Total Volume: 115.7 Gal / 437.9 L

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