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Blu Wave Catalina 14.0 Bamboo SUP


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The Catalina 14.0 is designed for flat water cruising, training, touring, downwinding and recreational racing. Moderate nose and tail rocker will keep the nose up in choppy conditions or larger waves. Constructed with Blu Wave’s EBS construction, our bamboo veneer provides strength, in a beautiful exterior that will be the envy of paddlers on your local lake or river. Our recessed deck provides a lower centre of gravity and optimal paddling position and our slightly convex deck towards the nose, will shed water and keep your deck area dry. Multiple tie down points open up a world of possibilities for day tripping and multi-day expeditions.

Shapers notes: Moderate rocker in the nose and tail provides lift and glide even in choppy conditions. Softer rails in the front, progressing too harder rails in the tail assist in glide and release of water on the flats. Our wider tail profile and 29” maximum width provides ample stability for beginner stand-up paddlers wanting to jump directly into a touring board made for speed. Suited to beginners up to 240lbs / advanced up to 280 lbs.


Length: 14'
Width: 29"
Thickness: 6"
Weight: 35 lbs
Features: Built in GoPro mount, 8 bungee tie down points forward and rear deck
Fin Set-up: Single Centre
Volume 340 L

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